Generate terms & conditions for e-commerce stores

Placeholder text only if your website or app has the option to recieve payments then including a Terms & Conditions is required by law. We will make sure that your Terms & Conditions ensures that you stay in line with your legal obligations.

Generate terms & conditions for mobile & desktop apps

For any app you are developing you will need a Terms & Conditions to launch it. Termify can help you generate the best for the case and get your app ready for review

Generate Terms & Conditions for Facebook pages & apps

Many platforms like facebook are requiring users that are submitting their official apps to submit a Terms & Conditions even if you are not collecting any data from your users. Generate your Terms & Conditions and get your unique link to submit to those platforms.

Generate Terms & Conditions for third party services

Some third party services require you to have a Terms & Conditions The use of ads, analytics or third party payments usually ask you for a Terms & Conditions. Google Ads might be the one asking for your Terms & Conditions, or Amazon, and many more.

Download your Terms & Conditions

If you want to host your customized Terms & Conditions on your site, you can just download the Terms & Conditions and give them the use you want.

We will create your customized Terms & Conditions in a variety of formats: PDF, DOCX, TXT & HTML files.